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From the first contact we had with Tom at Easy Foam we knew we had found the right place. Tom was incredibly helpful and such a friendly guy. He helped us understand about the product and whether this would suit our needs. As soon as we had decided to choose Icynene, our place was insulated less than 2 weeks. Sooner than promised. It's a great product and fantastic service. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for underfloor insulation.

Teena Hubbard, NSW

You may not remember our conversations of about 12 months ago, but I thought I’d follow-up and let you know how happy we are with the product.
Extremely happy is probably under selling it. We are heading into winter again and I forget that last year we used our a/c heater no more than about 40 minutes a day. 20 minutes in the morning and again at about 8:30pm. Also in the peak of summer we only used the a/c in the middle of the day for short periods. After the plasterers were finished in the new extension we had the heater installers in doing the final measuring and fortunately my brother talked me out of it. He said to me that it was freezing outside and we were all in t-shirts with the doors opened. He suggested an A/C and we fortunately went down that path. It we have put a log-fire heater in, we would have all died of heat exhaustion. One of the builders said the insulation made the place feel like nana’s cardigan. I don’t know what he was doing wearing his nana’s cardigan, but I got his point.
I only thought to contact you because the last two visitors to my house have commented on how cosy the place is. We now take it for granted. I have referred one to Thomas.
We essentially have two dwellings linked by an enclosed bridge, so we do get to gauge the difference between the two and the difference is impressive.
Many thanks for a great product and great service.
The home is in the Blue Mountains.
The house is two a-frame cottages joined by an enclosed bridge. The new cottage living area is 6.5 meters high and 9 meters across the floor. The walls are gyprock sheeted 200mm LVL beams which we almost completely filled with Icynene. We also filled about 200mm under the floor which is the ceiling for the garage. As there is a 70+ m2 garage under the living room floor, I was very conscious of heat loss through the floor and also how that would reflect in the temperature of the floor itself. We get very little heat-loss through the floor and the floor is never cold under foot.
The new a-frame is essentially wrapped in foam and the Windows are all double-glazed. It is amazing how little we have to do to heat or cool this space compared to its twin built in the late 70’s. We have often have the heater on the old a-frame and the window open in the new one.
It has colourbond sheets with only the foil sheet underneath. No extra blankets under the iron.
Tom Cookson was the installer. I referred him to a friend of mine and he installed his underfloor only last week. My mate is extremely impressed.
Before I took on the project of building the new extension, I researched everything I could about building materials, R ratings, solar passive design. You name it, I have research it. It is really nice to get to the end of a project like this and find that the research really paid off. The Icynene product in my opinion has well exceeded my expectations. Once our bank balance gets back to something resembling healthy, we will definitely be doing the same thing in the old place.

David McLean - President, DesignBais International

Easyfoam” was the best solution to our freezing cold home. The guys came in, and sprayed the foam in a matter of hours. No smell, just wonderful warmth. And our dampness has also evaporated too. I highly recommend Easyfoam to everyone who wants fresh air cleanness to your home. Thanks to Tom and the guys.

Denise & Tony Coughlan, NSW

A recent bathroom renovation revealed that we had no insulation in the old part of our cottage! Easy foam to the rescue! Tom and his boys worked quickly and effectively to rectify the problem. We felt the difference in temperature almost immediately during this recent cold snap. Floors were not as cold and any heat we put into the house we were able to retain. The foam insulation is excellent and the team are professional and efficient. We recommend them without reservation.

Martin & Nicky. Camden

Working with Tom was really easy. EasyFoam insulation did my sub floor insulation very professionally. I would be using their services in future and will not hesitate recommending them to anyone who's looking for a good trade to deal with.

Yatish Tanna

I called up easyfoam for a well priced and hassle free quote over the phone for an investment property and was impressed with their quick booking. The job was completed in only a few hours and the tennants were impressed by their professional attitude and minimal mess. The tennants noticed a substantial change within hrs and the long term benifits include a more comfortable living area combined with reduced energy costs.

Ryan Mackintosh

Another happy customer of easyfoam and property owner in Bundanoon, Southern Highlands

My house, like a lot of similar houses with a suspended floor always had problems with raising dampness @ mould. The reason being a lack of sufficient under house insulation.
Having had styrofoam insulation fitted between joists in previous house, I found this type of insulation insufficient.
After searching the market place for a superior option I came across Tomas Cookson. This company specializes in a spray on system witch insulates the under floor area preventing airflow from rising up from under the house.
After the job was completed and the house dried out inside, the improvements were easily noticeable. Relative was about 15 % lower then before the damp @ mouldy smell has completely gone and my air-conditioning bill has significantly reduced.
Tomas is an excellent tradesman his professionalism and skill is evident in the high quality work being provided. I was very surprised when he called me one day prior to re-confirm his appointment. He then arrived on time and completed the job exactly as agreed. Quite uncommon amongst most trade’s people nowadays I find.
I highly recommend Tomas and his company to anyone wanting to have the best under house insulation.

Andy Bursa

I have lived in my current home for almost 6 years now and over that time I have had major issues with both cold air osmosis (through my floorboards) and damp. Unfortunately my house was built over an underground stream so the source of the damp is always going to be there but I figured that sub floor insulation would help offset this issue as well as fix the issue I was having with drafty floorboards (and enormous heating bills). I had no less than 5 different sub floor insulation contractors out to do a quote and not one of them would even quote the job due to my subfloor space being so limited and I had pretty much given up. The recent rainy summer had contributed to a marked rise in the damp levels in my house and I was sick of everything getting mouldy. I was thinking of putting the house on the market but figured I’d try one last time to see if I could get subfloor insulation and this is how I came across Easyfoam NSW and Tom Cookson. The first thing that struck me about Tom was his professionalism. Due to my previous experience of trying to get this issue sorted I was quite pessimistic but Tom was fantastic and popped by one Sunday (!) morning to have a look and I know he had a proper look because I could hear him in the tiny crawl space under the house! I cannot tell you how pleased I was when Tom told me he was able and happy to do the job and the quote was very reasonable considering the type of job it is. The job was done not long after and I am so happy with the results, it’s made a huge difference already. While I’ve not yet had the winter power bill, I know when it does come it will be much cheaper than previous years merely due to the fact that I don’t need to run the heat constantly to keep the house warm plus the damp levels have dropped considerably. I suspect in time the house will totally dry out. In short, I imagine that in my case, this product will pay for itself (in terms of reduced power bills) in less than 2 years. I should also mention that on the day of installation, Tom and his crew were on time and they tidied up after themselves and we an absolute pleasure to deal with.
I would not hesitate to recommend Tom and Easyfoam to anyone, this product has changed my life and I am quite grateful to Tom for making the whole process so easy for me.

Cate, Mona Vale NSW

We are writing to express how pleased we are with the Thomas Cookson and the Easy Foam Spray Insulation product. We found out about Easy Foam through an internet search after looking for solutions to the drafty polished floorboards in our house.
For us, spray foam was the best choice for improving the comfort of our home compared to bats (fibreglass or polystyrene) and foils. Easy foam had all the features we desired, particularly its environmentally friendly nature. This was very important since we had a 6 month old child at the time of installation.
Contacting Thomas was easy and he spent time with us determining if this was the product for us. Thomas did a brilliant job installing the product in our house leaving no corner uncovered. Unlike many in the construction industry, he was true to his original quote with potential small problems at our house being no problem at all for him.
The product has performed exactly as it proclaims to and there was even the unexpected outcome of the floorboards “creaking” less after installation. A very pleasant bonus for us!
We would definitely use this product again in future homes and regularly recommend it to our family and friends.

Dr.’s Curtis and Zabin of Newcastle

We’d had a lot of problems with drafts through the floorboards and mould through our old 1920’s Californian bungalow. The house sits on clay and I carried out a lot of work including underpinning and drainage to reduce the problem. I then decided to add some sort of sub floor insulation and after a lot of research settled on a spray foam solution. I ruled out cutting and fitting polystyrene foam as the distances between the floor joists is inconsistent and I couldn’t figure out a satisfactory way to seal gaps. In any case spray foam promised me a vapour barrier.
Thomas from Easyfoam called out and had a look at our job which I knew had a few areas with access problems. Thomas struck me as a fairly straight up and down sort of guy and he said he’d do his best to cover all areas. We agreed on a square metre rate for the job and about a week or so later he turned up with his truck on time and keen to get started.
My family had taken a few days to visit family interstate but I’d stayed behind to do a bit of work on the house. There’s a slight odour from the chemical reaction of the foam for about 24 hours and it takes a while to escape from the subfloor so you’re best not to occupy the house until the next day. Thomas’ truck is fully kitted out and he took great pride in explaining how everything operated, including the importance of temperature in the mixing of the foaming chemicals. He then suited up and crawled under the house at about 830am and worked until about 430pm, emerging now and then for a break, a drink of water and a chat. I worked in the garden and fed the hose into Thomas when necessary.
I inspected under our entire house the following morning and Thomas had applied spray foam everywhere that I requested. He is not a small man and I was most surprised that he managed to spread foam evenly in areas with very tight access.
It is now almost 12 months later and we’re going through our first full Winter with our floor insulated. The difference is very noticeable-no drafts through our floorboards or mould. Another thing is we’re not getting as much dust around the house-was probably being blown up through the floor. Our rooms are staying warmer for much longer and the floorboards don’t creak as they’ve got a big foam cushion underneath them.
All in all, I am very happy with the work that Thomas did and the friendly and no nonsense way that he goes about his work. I honestly think that the different brands of foam being marketed for house insulation are all pretty much the same but you need to watch out for dodgey operators using industrial grade foam that’s a fire hazard. If you’re decided on spray foam I think the most important thing is to have confidence in the applicator because if it goes wrong you could have an awful mess under your house.
I confidently recommend Thomas from Easyfoam.

Eddie from Lane Cove

We loved our house but found that the bedrooms were freezing in winter. You know, they had that kind of cold that clung to your face in the morning! The air felt damp and after getting lots of damp and heating people around to inspect, we were advised to get underfloor insulation. We thought this sounded good because our floorboards were draughty and under the house was damp, which was a big health hazard to us and our 3 young children.
But, I really struggled to find someone...ANYONE who would fit insulation under our house. In fact, with no word of a lie, I call 16 companies. I was pretty much laughed at every time I explained what we wanted done. And I didn't really blame them. Who wants to climb around under a damp, dark house in very cramped conditions, fitting awkward batts? Apparently no one. I was starting to think it would never happen. Or be incredibly expensive, if I could persuade any one to do it. 
But then I called company number 17 and spoke to Thomas Cookson. He understood immediately what we wanted and after easy questions about the house, a date was set for that following weekend. When Thomas came to our house, he was great. I mean really, what a horrible job to do but he was friendly and professional and did the job with that super easy foam. To our pleasure, the cost was good too. We had been told we would probably pay up to $3000 for such a job. We paid $1800. 
In summing up, we have been very happy with the results. We immediately noticed that the air in the bedrooms was much less damp and warmer. When we heat those rooms now, the heat stays longer, making them much more cost effective to heat. We have also seem a DRAMATIC decrease in the amount of mould that used to grow in the bedrooms. This has been a huge relief, knowing how hazardous mould can be to our health. 
We would recommend easy foam and Thomas in a heart beat. Seriously, he did a thorough and professional job, at a good price, with a non-toxic product, with great benefits for our home and wallet. We're telling everyone we can about it!

Stephen and Elizabeth, Earlwood NSW

We built our steel framed home in 2007. The 200m2 flooring consisted of 19mm particleboard over a steel sub-strate. Sixty per cent of the floor space was above an enclosed sub-floor area and 40% was above a double brick garage. The floor space coverings consisted of good quality carpet and timber flooring over insulated underlays. Acoustic\thermal insulation was installed to all internal walls. In spite of all our insulation selections we found that during the winter months the coldness of the floors, particularly the bathrooms, absorbed much of the room heating. Additionally, being a steel framed house, the floors had developed a number of annoying metal scratching sounds where steel twist nails holding the particleboard entered the steel joists.
In Winter 2010 we decided to experiment with insulation by installing a high R value product under the floor of our ensuite. It did not appear to make any difference during Winter.
In Autumn 2011 we started evaluating spray-on insulation solutions. Whilst the solutions are generally well worth it, they were not cheap and we were determined to find the right product.
Our criteria for product selection were:
Low flammability
Open cell – which would enable any leaks\appliance floods to drain away. Closed cell has a slightly higher R Value but can lead to major damage with even minor hidden leaks as it stops the water escaping and can cause rot
High R Value
High acoustic insulation value
Water blown – to avoid the use of environmentally unfriendly harsh chemicals and possible odour problems
We looked at a number of products on the market but when we spoke to Thomas Cookson we felt that his product and his company were the right ones to select. The Easyfoam product met all our criteria and Thomas came across as a professional passionate about his company's service and its product.
The insulation was installed in August and almost immediately we noticed a difference. It is a difficult thing to describe but when you entered a room you noticed that everything felt somewhat muted – the noise and the cold. We have a large amount of glass so we expect the temperature to drop significantly when the heat is removed overnight and are prepared for chilly mornings. Since the insulation has been installed the temperature drop is significantly retarded and the overnight temperature is as much as three/four degrees higher than this time last year. We don't need as big a fire now during the evenings. Apart from the fantastic thermal benefits, the acoustic benefits alone would have made the installation desirable! The metal rubbing sounds have either disappeared or have become more of a muffled creak, and if a door slams shut within the house there is no longer the echoing sound of steel pinging!
We are located five hours north of Sydney and to cut down on set up costs Thomas slotted in our job with another in the district. He kept us up to date on any changes to the schedule and turned up on the date and time agreed. His installation was meticulous, without any gaps. He also managed to spray our hot water pipes which were suspended from the steel joists. - this has meant less time for hot water to flow into the furthest bathrooms – resulting in even more energy savings!
We would have no hesitation in recommending Thomas, his company or the Selection 500 product to our own family or friends.

James and Fiona Burke, Wauchope, NSW

We have a small cottage in the Blue Mountains.  With no carpets there was always a “chill factor”, even with central heating and a wood burner in winter.  We found Easy Foam on the internet.  Following some investigation we decided to go with their product.
It was the perfect solution - no more draughts, the heat is retained and the boards are warmer!  We have been very happy with the outcome. 
Easy Foam were both helpful and reliable.  Their product is effective, the price was right and the installers friendly and responsible and we would happily recommend the company and product.

Jane and Roy, Sydney

To Whom it May Concern,
I engaged Easyfoam to provide Spray Foam Sealection 500 underfloor insulation at the start of winter. I looked at fibre bats and at another company that provided a spray in solution.
I chose to go with Easyfoam for a number of reason:
1. Thomas was able to answer all my questions and provide definitive answers around the specifications of the product
2. Information on the website satisfactorily provided evidence as to the environment, building and fire claims of the product
3. Compared to the fibre bats it was only approximately $500 more to get someone else to put in the insulation and to have such a superior product installed.
Our house has been much more comfortable this winter, I don't feel I have had to keep the heater on to keep the house warm. I am yet to really compare the heating bills from last year to this year but I expect to see an improvement. As an added benefit the creaky floor boards are creaky no longer!
I was impressed enough that I asked for a quote on getting the Spray Foam Sealection 500 in the walls of the house. Thomas was able to suggest that I try other methods first as he was unsure how effective it would be in the situation that I showed him. I really appreciated his honesty.
I have happily to recommend Thomas of Easyfoam to friends of ours who have also been pleased with the product and service.
 You can't ask for more than a friendly tradesperson who turns up on time, does a good job and doesn't try to sell you another service that won't work. This is why I am happy to write this reference.
All the best Thomas and Easyfoam.

Natalie, Glenbrook, NSW

I had been looking to improve the under floor insulation of my 1930s Federation style home for some time with the primary goal of increasing the warmth of the house in the winter. Having moved to Australia from the UK I was aware of the benefits of spray insulation and after a bit of online research selected Easy Foam as the best possible solution. Throughout the process of obtaining a quote, arranging the installation and through the installation process Thomas was helpful and professional. The installation itself was trouble free, taking no more than a three hours, and the results were instant. Not only is my house warmer but the sound insulation is also noticeably improved.

Richard, Fairlight NSW.

Having had bad drafts through our wooden floor for one whole winter I was not keen to go through the pain and cost again, I looked at a number of options but most very expensive or required me to install the insulation (the foam stuff from Bunning’s, cannot remember what it is called), I simply did not have the time with 2 small children. I found Thomas online, he quoted me and came over, he ended up doing the job then and there, it has been fantastic this winter, no drafts, lower heating bills everything I could have wanted. I cannot recommend this stuff enough, it costs a reasonable amount and it simply works.

Steve Grace, Killarney Heights

Hi Tom

Just a quick note to say how much we love your product, Easy Foam, Spray Foam Insulation.  As you can see we have a very long house (23000 by 8000, not including the veranda), and our main source of heating is a wood fire in our lounge room. So in trying to heat our house, the lounge room becomes a sauna but the bedrooms stay cold.  We live in sunny warm Lithgow, NSW where the winter temperature drops very quickly when the sun goes behind the mountains (about 3pm and doesn’t come back till about 10am).  We already have had one to many nights and early mornings where the temperature has been in the minus zone, but so far this winter, inside my house has not dropped lower than 14o (with the fire out) which is fantastic.  It has been just over 2 months since your product was installed and most days and nights our home is a lovely 17o to 21o from end to end without having the fire going full bore all the time.
We first seen this type of product on AUSTAR TV (Holmes on Holmes) and wondered if there something like it was sold here in Australia, so we did what most people do these day, we Search the web.  We called several out of state companies but Easy Foam company in Queensland was the most helpful with giving us information about the product, they gave us your number and now I have a very lovely warm house.
Over the years we have tried several products trying to insulate under the house, (pink bats, Styrofoam bats, etc.) we even fully enclosed under our house last year, but still the house stayed very cold.  We have spent a great deal of money trying to keep our house warm in winter, but nothing has worked until now.  Your price was very reasonable compared to other companies and products (even cheaper in some ways).
The greatest thing was how quick everything was done from our first call to you (late April 2012) to the completion date (early May 2012).  On the day, your staff was punctual and very professional the whole time they were on our property; both my husband and I would have no problems in recommending either you or your staff and company to anyone who asked.  From start to finish the communication between you, your staff and us has been a pleasure, you listened to our needs and wants and fulfilled everything that was asked or promised.

Yours sincerely, Gary & Louise