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Safe Food Australia AS 4674-2004

Many commercial buildings suffer from air leakage due to the construction of the building. With today's ever rising energy prices insulation is priority and using the right insulation makes all the difference. Icynene Insulation offers a perfect solution to insulating commercial buildings.
Easy Foam can offer a solution for insulating various types of wall construction.

If you are constructing a new food premises or refurbishing your existing food premises, you will need to contact your local council or health department to ensure you comply with design and fit out requirements, before commencing any construction or refurbishment. You may be required to comply with the Australian Standard for the Design, construction and fit-out of food premises (AS 4674-2004). This Standard provides criteria on design and construction to assist with compliance with Standard 3.2.3 for new food premises and alterations to existing food premises.

Solid Wall Construction

Solid Wall Construction Insulation

Food Safety Standards 3.2.3

When Electrical and Plumbing rough-ins are complete, Gib or FC sheeting is glued and screwed on then THIS is the ideal time for us to do our application.
Screws will be visible for us to identify the studs, noggins will then need to be identified before we can start.
Each cavity will receive a 10-12mm drill hole half way up from bottom plate and one directly below noggin, both placed roughly in the centre.
Same applies to the upper wall section, one half way up and the other just below the top plate.
This is repeated for all walls in the scope of works.
Spray Foam is injected in the 2 stages from bottom to top to ensure all voids/cavities are full to prevent access from cockroaches and weevils etc.
Now complete, your guys can stop the entire wall to either sand, paint or Tile prior to kitchen equipment being installed.


To enable cost effective and hassle free installation, this process needs to be done before the installation of: Tiles, splash backs, benches and sinks, kitchen equipment and s/steel sheeting.
All wall sheeting to be glued and screwed for reinforcement strengthening. If you intend to sheet walls in thinner grade materials, please ensure you attach extra screws particularly around edges and joins.

Certificate of Compliance

On completion and payment of job, a certificate of Compliance will be issued for you and your Certifier.

Certification Compliance

AS 4674-2004 Solid Wall Construction

Basis of Certification

AS/NZS 1530.0 Test Method for heat and smoke release / AS 4674-2004
In accordance with specifications 2.4 of the Building Code of Australia BCA Part J3
Combined R-value of the insulation in wall cavity meets R-2.0 or greater as required by the energy efficiency report.
Safe Food Australia AS 4674-2004 Construction and fit out of Food Premises commercial grade solid wall construction.

Reference Documentation

Safe Food Australia AS 4674-2004. Construction and fit out of Food Premises commercial grade solid wall construction.
Section J of the BCA.

Commercial Insulation Australian Standfards Safe Food Australia AS 4674-2004 Construction and fit out of food premises

Food Premises & Equipment (Must Prevent the entry and Harbourage of pests, vermin, dust or other external pollutants.)
Food safety Standard 3.2.3