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Enjoy the benefits of insulating with Icynene, creating an environment that is Healthier, Quieter, More Energy Efficient.

Timber Under Floor Insulation

In place permanently working for the lifetime of the building saving you money from day one keeping the family warm and snug with constant temperatures without the fluctuations and energy surges making high power bills a thing of the past.

In one simple application:

Negates air leakage and thermal transfer stopping: draughts, insects, dust, mould spores, earthy smells, moisture, timber rot and sound reduction by minus 37 decibels or equivalent Rw 36 on 90mm stud assembly system.

Feel the difference under your feet – See the difference on your Energy Bills.

Cold feet? Frozen toes? Huge Heating bills! Uninsulated timber floors are costing you serious money! one of the easiest cost effective ways to save you money on heating is to have your underfloor insulated with spray foam. For a warm house, more money in your pocket, comfort and peace of mind. Have Easy Foam install spray foam on your timber underfloor.

Average size homes take 3 to 4 hours to complete.

Under Floor clearance

The under-floor install requires the installers to lie on their backs to enable spray to floor surface and joists with minimum requirement of 50cm/ half a meter.

There is No magic wand / lance / remote controlled robot that can get to all areas.

Areas less than 50cm to a degree, can often still be accessed via digging trench or similar, though extra time and effort required varies which will attract extra labour hourly charge ups.


Some customers are concerned regarding wiring and plumbing being compromised by foam. Rest assured, plumbing and wiring by code are always located at or around the edge of joists of 90mm and foam comes to 75mm. Junction boxes if present can be sealed and identified for future electrician inspection work.

Sub Floor warning for older homes

Please be mindful that in the event there may be large cracks in floor cavities which we cannot physically see, we take no responsibility for any contamination that may result from liquid material breaching these areas into living spaces. As the home owner, you would be the best judge of where these areas may exist or where creaky spots are so if you can identify these areas, we are more than willing the tape seal them prior to installation commencement.

In the scheme of things, if this occurs, it is seen by ALL people that the Spray Foam process is in fact actually doing its function and totally Air Sealing every millimetre, nook and cranny of your home.

Our biggest fear is that if it breached a very large hole and there was say….a plasma TV / antique furniture or an item of great sentimental / financial value was contaminated….though it would not ruin anything, it may spoil your day and experience.

The soft, white flexible little bubbles of foam are easily removed with finger tips/nails or in crevices by way of a scraper and depending on the tint/shade/colour of the wood stain, may leave a light /cloudy residue on floor that the home owner can steel wool scour back excess and at worst, apply a coating of the matching stain over to blend with the surrounding.

  • Timber Floors- Insulate under timber floors to minimize air leakage and keep your feet warm in winter
  • Sub floor - to Minimal acoustic disruption and control temperature variances

What Will Underfloor Insulation Cost?

Once dimensions and clearances have been established we will know. See below to work it out.

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