Easy Foam Spray Foam Insulation Australia Wide

Insulate With Easy Foam

Enjoy the benefits of insulating with Icynene, creating an environment that is Healthier, Quieter, More Energy Efficient.

1. Attic remains 3 to 4 degrees higher than living spaces. Conditioned air space
2. No strain on air conditioning ducting. Relief on power consumption
3. Range hood & bath/laundry exhaust ducted to eaves
4. Colourbond/steel roof: Spray direct. No sarking required
5. Tile Roof: Sarking IS required. Spray to sarking/ anticom blanket

Options of consideration:

Multi-level homes may require acoustic under floor separating ground & 1st floor. – 39 dec.
Homes built on piers / stumps will definitely need under floor spray foam in NSW / ACT.
Home theatre rooms- acoustic walls
Plumbing and waste pipe acoustic reduction


Though creating an air tight energy efficient home is every one’s dream, consideration should be given to fresh air flow for families’ health benefits. Every house plan, area, site placement and Suburb is different so thought should be given to x-flow breezes and fresh air exchange (when you need it). You may like to consider mechanical air changes at the planning stage.

HRV Heat Recovery Ventilation - Uncle Google

Also Note: For your own benefit which should be mandatory for all homes – do yourself a favour and make sure all window and door jambs are sealed for complete energy efficiency. Just saying!

Fact: Home Owners V Builders

It is advisable Home Owners discuss these options with their Builders in the early planning stages to work out budgeting and programming. After all, building is a big-ticket item and consideration and obligation must be given to the home owner to get it Right the first time for long term benefits. Many builders have us install in their own homes being built but few pass on this information and benefits to their customers. Assuming their costs incorporate the cheaper options in their overall price to the client with no immediate benefit/advantage to the builder. Hope Not.

 Preparation New Builds

What will it cost?

To take some control over your install and avoid awkward questions, guess work for your own peace of mind, the following table will be helpful in your decision making in terms of the physical process and cost, to enable your home to be more comfortable and energy efficient.

Costs will come down to a meter square rate after reviewing 3 specific areas:

1. Volume of Product
2. Labour Costs
3. Mobilization Costs & access

What now from here moving forward?

1 Come back to us with dimensions, drawings, photos etc.to enable quote
2 An accurate estimate/quote will be given based on information provided
3 If favourable, an estimated install date will be agreed upon
4 Accounts department will furnish quote with terms and conditions
5 On install date with homeowner present, a re-check of dimensions will occur and any necessary alterations, plus or minus can be made and agreed on to invoice to ensure neither party is disadvantaged.

What can you expect from us?

We will be on time
We will be respectful of your home and occupants
We will show duty of care with masking, cleaning and ventilation
After completion and payments are made you will first and for most have a more energy efficient home
You will be provided with a 5-year Installation warrantee
You will be provided with an Icynene Lifetime Product Warrantee

For peace of mind you need to know this Icynene LD.C.50 Spray Foam insulation is the ONLY spray foam in the country that has Australian Building Code approval.

Others have only a fire test result or 3rd party Testimonial which may not carry much accountability where say, a new build home requires to be signed off for occupancy approval or Insurance companies are concerned.

I hope this is helpful in your considerations and feel free to call or email if requiring anything further. I look forward to hearing back from you soon to see how we can help

 Easy Foam

Icynene Spray Foam Insulation System

Icynene is the choice to make if you are looking for a healthier, quieter and more energy efficient home. When installed Icynene can reduce air leakage dramatically, this keeps unwanted airborne sounds where they should be. Your home will be quieter throughout allowing your children to play, stereos to be played and all without annoying the person in the next room. Its ability to fill the gaps you wouldn't normally see stops sound being transmitted throughout the structure. When sprayed in to your roof, wall, ceiling or floor it will provide excellent thermal values and noise reduction.

Icynene's ability to fill every gap in any space makes it a very versatile product. Icynene spray foam insulation once cured (6 seconds) becomes inert so will not under go any change in form over the life of foam. Once installed it will not shrink, settle, break down or lose any of its U Value qualities. It has zero nutritional value so is NOT valued as food by pests, insects or fungus such as mould.

Buildings that have taken advantage of the Icynene Insulation system use less energy. Icynene is a superior air barrier that helps maintain heat in the winter months and keep cooler in the summer. Icynene offers excellent thermal performance and guarantees energy efficiency. With reduced air leakage in the building envelope a saving of up to 50% can be achieved on heating bills.

Icynene has been manufactured with the home owner in mind. We spend a large amount of time in our homes and need our air quality to good to avoid such problems as asthma. Icynene insulation will provide you with a healthy well insulated home for years to come.

Why Icynene is a healthy choice.

  • 100% water-blown technology that will not off gas any harmful chemicals
  • Icynene contains no harmful agents, volatile chemicals, HCFC's, HFA's, HFC's or Formaldehyde
  • By providing a superior air barrier allergens and pollutants are kept outside the building
  • When installed air leakage is minimised, this stops moisture movement within the building. 99% of moisture movement within a building is due to air leakage. Condensation control is vital in eradicating potential mould growth that could lead to breathing serious health issues
  • to air leakage. Condensation control is vital in eradicating potential mould growth that could lead to breathing serious health issues

Homes account for 25% of the greenhouse gas emissions, its no wonder that building materials that can reduce this are top priority. Having Icynene insulation can have a significant impact on the sustainability of homes and buildings. Unlike polyurethane spray foam insulation, Icynene has a Global Warming potential of only 1.