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Enjoy the benefits of insulating with Icynene, creating an environment that is Healthier, Quieter, More Energy Efficient.

Icynene is the choice to make if you are looking for a healthier, quieter and more energy efficient home. When installed Icynene can reduce air leakage dramatically, this keeps unwanted airborne sounds where they should be. Your home will be quieter throughout allowing your children to play, stereos to be played and all without annoying the person in the next room. Its ability to fill the gaps you wouldn't normally see stops sound being transmitted throughout the structure. When sprayed in to your roof, wall, ceiling or floor it will provide excellent thermal values and noise reduction.

Icynene's ability to fill every gap in any space makes it a very versatile product. Icynene spray foam insulation once cured (6 seconds) becomes inert so will not under go any change in form over the life of foam. Once installed it will not shrink, settle, break down or lose any of its U Value qualities. It has zero nutritional value so is NOT valued as food by pests, insects or fungus such as mould.

Buildings that have taken advantage of the Icynene Insulation system use less energy. Icynene is a superior air barrier that helps maintain heat in the winter months and keep cooler in the summer. Icynene offers excellent thermal performance and guarantees energy efficiency. With reduced air leakage in the building envelope a saving of up to 50% can be achieved on heating bills.

Icynene has been manufactured with the home owner in mind. We spend a large amount of time in our homes and need our air quality to good to avoid such problems as asthma. Icynene insulation will provide you with a healthy well insulated home for years to come.

Why Icynene is a healthy choice.

  • 100% water-blown technology that will not off gas any harmful chemicals
  • Icynene contains no harmful agents, volatile chemicals, HCFC's, HFA's, HFC's or Formaldehyde
  • By providing a superior air barrier allergens and pollutants are kept outside the building
  • When installed air leakage is minimised, this stops moisture movement within the building. 99% of moisture movement within a building is due to air leakage. Condensation control is vital in eradicating potential mould growth that could lead to breathing serious health issues
  • to air leakage. Condensation control is vital in eradicating potential mould growth that could lead to breathing serious health issues

Homes account for 25% of the green house gas emissions, its no wonder that building materials that can reduce this are top priority. Having Icynene insulation can have a significant impact on the sustainability of homes and buildings. Unlike polyurethane spray foam insulation, Icynene has a Global Warming potential of only 1.