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Be in no doubt Icynene is a premium product and can't be compared to traditional insulation products because it has so many more advantages. It's more energy efficient, healthier, quieter, greener and improves the comfort within your home. Using icynene will show significant savings in your energy bill. Icynene is more affordable and the best investment you will ever make in your home.

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Easy Foam

We are the approved installer of the Icynene spray foam insulation system. Based in Sydney we also service New South Wales , ACT, New Zealand and the Pacific Rim. We work on residential, commercial and industrial projects specialising in roof, underfloor, wall spraying, cavity wall injection. And other industrial applications.

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Easy Foam Insulation

Sydney's insulation experts Easy Foam Specialising in internal and external walls, underfloor and ceiling for residential projects and roof, floors and sofits insulation for a range of commercial properties including supermarkets, food grade kitchens, and those with condensation concerns.

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Sydney's No.1 Choice For Insulation

Easy Foam proudly Sydney's No.1 foam spray insulation installers. Easy Foam insulates with Icynene Foam Spray no gap insulation system to achieve superior insulation results for residential and commercial applications in all climates.

Residential Insulation

Insulate your home for year round comfort and drastically reduce the energy costs of heating and cooling your home. A well insulated home can cut energy costs up to 50%.

Commercial Insulation

Industrial and Commercial insulation with Easy Foam.

Save Money

Install Easy Foam and enjoy the comfort of superior insulation in your home as well as cutting the size of your power bill. Using the latest technology in insulation Icyene Foam has vastly become Sydney home owners first choice for home insulation.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Easy Foam Insulation Sydney Guarantees 100% client satisfaction on installation and performance of our Icynene Foam Spray insulation product.
Professional installation in all domestic and commercial applications by approved, experienced installers.

Contact: Tom Cookson
(mob) 0407 665 830
(ph) 02 9820 9021

What is icynene?

Icynene is a water blown open cell low-density (.5 lb./Ft3) flexible, soft foam insulation, which is sprayed into/onto walls, crawl spaces, and the underside of roof, attics, and ceilings by only licensed dealers. Sprayed as a thick liquid, in seconds it expands to 100 times its volume to create a superior insulation and air barrier. Every crack, crevice, electrical box, duct, and exterior penetration is effortlessly sealed to reduce energy-robbing, random air leakage. The building envelope seal remains intact over time and is ideal for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional indoor applications.

Easy Foam's insulation has benefits above and beyond the typical energy efficiency payoffs that conventional insulation can deliver. Spray Foam gives you and your family a safe, more energy efficient, healthier home.